The Northern Marketing Awards seek to celebrate the excellence, creativity and achievements of the marketing industry in the North. 

All entries will be judged by our esteemed judging panel and should be based on work between July 2019 – September 2020. Don’t forget to keep within the word limit of 1,000 words per entry, concision is key!

Campaign Awards

When evaluating your campaigns, judges will be looking for exceptional campaigns delivered in the North that can demonstrate:

1. Reaching clear objectives within budget
2. Customer insight and relevance to its target audience
3. Outstanding and creative execution across the chosen channels

Best B2B Campaign

Experience and flair help the best marketers tap into the mindset of a business and put the right message in front of them at the right time. Whatever strategy you take, communicating business-to-business is no easy feat - and this award recognises the most skilled practitioners.
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Best B2C Campaign

How do you truly stand out and compete for the attention of your audience? Only the best B2C marketers know. The winner of this category will have done this capably and confidently and had a lasting impact with their campaign.
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Best Food & Drink Campaign

Does your marketing leave people hungry for more? The winner of the Best Food & Drink Campaign award will have a strategy that stands out among the huge field of dining and drinking. Whatever your flavour of marketing, if you can satisfy their needs, you’ll walk away with the prize.
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Best Not-for-Profit Campaign

Drawing volunteers, driving fundraising projects, and championing good causes - marketers make it all happen. To be in with a chance of being named Best Not-For-Profit Campaign, you’ll need to have created something that drove goodwill and generosity.
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Best Professional & Financial Services Campaign

How do you communicate the importance and influence of professional and financial services? To create a memorable campaign, you need vision and a full understanding of the topic at hand - and if you can do that, you’ll be rewarded.
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Best Property & Construction Campaign

It’s not just bricks and mortar - property and construction campaigns require their own set of building skills. You’ll need to be an all-rounder, creating enthusiasm through video, audio, visuals, copy and more, but you could be a winner
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Best Retail (on & off-line) Campaign

It might sound simple, but getting consumers spending takes a great deal of creativity and skills. A great campaign drives excitement for a product and shows it in its best light - and those that can keep customers returning will be in with a shot of winning.
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Best Sport Campaign

If your campaign can get more people behind their local team, experiencing something new, or just lacing up their trainers and getting out to exercise, there’s a good chance of success in this category.
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Best Tourism & Leisure Campaign

A tourism and leisure campaign done well can truly make you feel something. The winner of this category will have created something that truly stands out and drives vital conversions.
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Best Health & Beauty Campaign

To compete in this category, you need a campaign that’s full of life. Show off your best side and you could go home with the award.
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Best Education Campaign

The education sector is a competitive place where organisations need to cut through the noise in order to stand out from the crowd. Many bodies have been forced into remote teaching and many individuals are now facing the reality of having to learn online. If you’ve created a campaign that’s turned heads in education, this category is worth submitting for.
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Best Small Budget Campaign - under £50k

Money isn’t everything - in fact, some of the most memorable campaigns have been done on a shoestring. Vision, variety, and out-of-the-box thinking will make winning this award a reality.
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Best Integrated Campaign

Nowadays, it’s very often insufficient to only advertise or communicate your message to an audience through one single channel. If your campaign has successfully and consistently utilised multiple channels, this is the category to enter.
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Best Influencer Campaign

Influencer marketing is nothing new but it’s definitely not going away anytime soon, especially with more of us both viewing and shopping on Instagram than ever before. During lockdown, social media engagement has increased by 61 percent over normal usage rates, according to data from Kantar. If you’ve forged a brilliant relationship between influencer and brand, we think this category is for you.
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Best Crisis Communications Campaign

In times of local, national and global crisis, marketing experts play an essential role in conveying important information in a way that is clear, easy-to-remember and powerful. If you’ve been involved in doing this sort of work, download the entry form for this category.
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Best PR Campaign

In the age of non-stop news coverage and social media updates, the reputation and public relations of a company is still fundamentally important, if not an art form. Think you’ve proved your PR prowess? Enter your work into this category.
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Best Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail still manages to cut through the noise of online marketing - and this award is for those whose imaginative and unforgettable content was good enough to be picked up from doormats.
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Best Outdoor Advertising Campaign

As soon as people look up from their phones, there’s a wealth of outdoor advertising opportunities - but only the most memorable will work. If you’ve done something out of the home that stayed on people’s minds, you’re in with a chance of winning.
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Best Social Media Campaign

It’s the new battleground - and it can be a struggle to be heard on social. There’s not much room for error, so the winner of this category will show how they’ve successfully condensed their message into just a handful of characters.
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Best Sustainable/Green Campaign

Have you created a campaign aimed at making the world a greener place? Showcase your all-important work by entering it for the Best Sustainable/Green Campaign Award.
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Best Use of Content Marketing

If you specialise in creating captivating content to drive marketing campaigns, then this category is for you.
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Best Use of Data

An evermore central focus for today’s marketing forces, understanding and maximising the use of data can accelerate a campaign and help nurture longer-lasting customer relations. With changes to cookies and privacy regulations growing, we want to reward those who have proven they can work well and ethically with data.
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Best Use of Research or Insight Campaign

Agile and insightful research teams are behind the most memorable campaigns. The winner of this award will have accurately profiled their audience, going above and beyond to understand and engage their target market, paving the way for a successful campaign.
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Best Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital means many things to many people, but at the end of the day, only the most capable marketers have the wide skill set needed to make an impact in the digital sphere. If you’ve converted views, to clicks, to sales, the award could be yours.
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Best Search Marketing Campaign

This award will be presented to the unsung heroes of the marketing world, those who achieve exceptional results through intricate organic and paid search strategies.
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Team / Agency Awards

The Northern Marketing Awards recognise the importance of collaboration and teamwork in driving creativity and exceptional results.
These next awards will recognise the hard working, passionate marketers whose work can demonstrate real impact.

Judges will be looking for teams which:
1. Demonstrate consistently high standards of creative and innovative work
2. Have tapped into new markets, income streams or opportunities
3. Thrive in face of adversity and adapt to new challenges

Best In-House Team

This award recognises those outside the agency world - the hardworking, passionate marketers who work in-house, finding exciting ways to drive organic results, make an impression, and achieve conversions.
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Best Small Agency (up to 30 employees)

Agility matters - and when you’re a small agency, you can offer responsive service like no other competitor. Only the finest agencies with up to 30 employees, who really make a difference to the marketing sector within the region, will be in with a chance of winning.
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Best Large Agency (31 or more employees)

Large agencies make the most of effective teamwork and creativity and achieve exceptional results in the meantime. Whether national or global, it’s important not to lose perspective - and the winner of this award will have maintained the necessary level of creativity and speed.
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